It is possible for the purchaser to download and print thedocuments listed, and prepare a valid purchase offer for a house.

  1. List of Standard Finishes
  2. List of Houses, Sizes, Lots, Plans, Selling Prices
  3. Declaration of Protective Covenants
  4. Construction Specifications
  5. Contract to Purchase a House
  6. One Year Limited Builder's Warranty

Links 1 (Standard Finishes) and 2 (List of Houses) are not part of the contract documents, but are informational, allowing a purchaser to know the standard finishes and the prices for the houses listed. There are twenty-four houses listed, and these will be started spring 2005, and completed in the summer and fall of 2005.

If a purchaser wishes to make an offer, he or she should complete the "Contract to Purchase a House", and attach the Declaration (3), the Specifications (5) and the Warranty (6). Make an appointment to meet in the Lot One sales office. Bring two copies of the documents. At that meeting we will review the plans, and the contract with its attachments, and if all is acceptable, we will sign and conclude the transaction.

For those houses sold by Owner, if you are represented by an agent, we will pay a 3.0% sales commission at the closing. Your agent should come with you to the meeting. If the house is listed by an independent agent, the sales commission may differ. Purchasers should contact the Listing Agent for clarification of fees and commissions.

If you want extras, such as a full basement, or more hardwood floors, etc., we can deal with those items at the meeting.We are not selling lots, and the exclusive builder is Sproul Building Co., Inc. The purchaser will not close on the house until it is completed and ready for occupancy."

Downloadable Files

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